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How to make money with @Uber

How to Make Money with Uber

I knew about Uber before it opened shop in Nigeria.  But it was my friend Abdullahi Muye who convinced me to take my first trip.  Since then, it is mostly what I use to travel around Abuja.

Uber is a taxi service which you can request from your phone. And within minutes (my average has been five minutes) it will pick you up from anywhere you are.  And the cars are quite comfortable, because they are in better conditions than the regular taxis.

Here’s how it works:

You register your credit or debit card with Uber using their mobile app.  After every trip, they debit your card.  So there’s no cash involved in the transaction. Some say that their fare is cheaper than our taxis.  But in my experience, it is a bit more expensive.  Where I used to go with Abuja taxis and pay between 300 to 400 naira, Uber is 487 naira on my last trip there.

Is this an opportunity for you to make money?

After greetings with the drivers (who are quite courteous), my number one question has always been: “Has it been profitable so far?”

And their answer has always been, yes.

Uber pays car owners every week after taking its cut, which is 25%.  From my interview with the drivers and my neighbour who has dedicated two cars to the business, the average profit is N40, 000 per week.  That’s N160, 000 per month.  This is after you’ve deducted cost of fueling.  Included in the cost is also the 20 to 25% that you will pay the driver if you’re not driving the car yourself.

However, if you don’t want to be involved in the daily running of the business, a young Uber driver told me that they registered a company to do the business on behalf of investors.

You give them your car which must not have been manufactured before 2006.  They take care of servicing, fueling and the drivers.  At the end of the month, they return N100, 000 to you.  This way, you would earn less but you also enjoy the convenience of not having to do it yourself.  The question to ask is if N100K per month is worth it.

He’s allowed me to share his phone number with anyone interested.  But I’m not recommending him, because I met him only once.  You have to do your own due diligence.

How Bill Gates Infected me with his Chicken Bug

By Ibraheem Dooba  –

Here’s why I’m joining Bill Gates’ “Chicken Revolution”

I was intrigued by Bill Gates’ chicken idea and followed him to his blog (, which also referred me to his wife, Melinda’s blog.  Both husband and wife convinced me with their argument and I am now infected with their chicken bug.

If you didn’t read my post yesterday, here is the summary.

Bill and Melinda Gates are convinced that the chicken is the “ATM of the poor”.

Photo Credit:Pixel-mixer / Pixabay

They are so passionate about the idea that Bill has pledged to provide 100,000 chickens to Africans.  He argued that starting with five chickens, a woman can make $1,000 a year, thereby taking her off the extreme-poverty line, which is currently estimated to be $700.

So, Bill, why would you raise chickens?

They’re a good investment. Suppose a new farmer starts with five hens. One of her neighbors owns a rooster to fertilize the hens’ eggs. After three months, she can have a flock of 40 chicks. Eventually, with a sale price of $5 per chicken—which is typical in West Africa—she can earn more than $1,000 a year, versus the extreme-poverty line of about $700 a year.”

Gates Chicken

Now let’s break these numbers down:


  1. Five hens will give you 40 chickens in three months.
  2. Each chicken sells for $5, a reasonable estimate even in Nigeria.
  3. So 40 chickens x $5 = $200 every three months.
  4. We have four 3 months (quarters) in a year
  5. Therefore, 4 x $200 = $800.

So it’s not $1,000 as Bill Gates estimated.  But I guess if the offspring of the hens also produce their own chicks, the money would approximate Bill Gates’ figure.

Gates has championed a good deal of ideas to reduce poverty in developing countries – from drinking water made from poop to making high-tech toilets.  But this may be his best idea yet.

And it isn’t as if it’s a new idea.  In Nigeria here, it’s difficult to find a house in the village which doesn’t keep chickens.  But Gates puts a refreshing twist on it by showing us (with concrete numbers) how it can reduce poverty.

I’ve been dreaming of using goats (after crossing local breed with Boar goats from South Africa) for the same purpose.  But using chickens appears to be faster, cheaper and not very risky.

In the light of this, we’re going to do a pilot of this idea by giving five chickens each to selected women in Bida.  We’re estimating N1, 000 per chicken.  Thus, with N5, 000, you can remove one woman from extreme poverty.  Let me know if you want to contribute to the project.


What about you?  How powerful do you think this idea is in reducing poverty?



Make money skills (1): How to make cheap air conditioner (AC)


Starting with how to make a cheap air conditioner at home, I have initiated a series demonstrating how our people – especially the youth – can make money either online or offline.  Even diligent students should be able to make money from these ideas.  Many of them come to me on a daily basis to help with tuition fees.  The smart ones among them actually request for jobs they can do to earn money for school.  It is hoped that the series would facilitate job creation for our youths in this part of Africa. Some have, you see, rather impressive mechanical aptitudes – including those who no longer go to school and those who have little education.  This is for all of them.

Air Conditioners – Credit: triosolution1 / Pixabay

The focus is to share simple ideas with you with which you can start making money immediately.  And when you’re required to build something, we will focus on materials or their equivalents that are readily available in Africa

I will be sharing money making ideas from different fields: technology, design, communication and crafts.

The skills will include how to build a cheap air conditioner, how design home security using cheap computers, how to build robotic toys for sale and other saleable embedded systems, simple video animation creation and so forth.  Some of the ideas I will teach from scratch, others will be shared from different sources.  I’ll always let you know whichever the case is and how to get more information.  My engineer friends are free to chastise me when I err.

Today we’re going to start with how to build a cheap air conditioner (AC) using a simple fan, ice blocks, PVC pipes and a duct tape.   The simple video below by CrazyRussianHacker shows you step by step how.  But you may want to replace the dry ice that he used with ice blocks for three reasons.  You don’t easily get dry ice in Africa and when you do, it is usually expensive. But most importantly, dry ice is DANGEROUS.

To deepen your understanding, I’ve also attached an image from that also shows step by step how to make homemade AC.  However, it may be easier and simpler for you to follow the steps in the video.  But use whatever works best for you.

Another way to make cheap air conditioner

Cheap Homemade air conditioner AC
Cheap Homemade air conditioner -AC












Here is another great way to make cheap homemade AC

For more information on the different techniques for homemade cheap air conditioner, visit:

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