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It’s Time To Write Finish Your Thesis or Dissertation…And Do So Quickly

Summary: I’m building a set of academic writing templates that will help you to easily write your thesis, dissertation or academic papers without plagiarizing others.  Writing time doesn’t have to be  time for headache.  Although, I’ve already uploaded some  of these templates  on Amazon, more of them are coming.

Interested? Visit the sales page here  and sign up (on the right) for the mailing list to get news about new templates and be the first to read some of our academic writing tips.

13 thoughts on “Home

  1. Nice Job sir…quite some dedication to the development of others…however, while summarizing the literature is highly fundamental, i request you advice on developing an adequate scope for a Masters and Phd research work…probably a template based solution to scoping a research

    1. Mr. Adeiza,

      Do you mean a proposal template? If that’s what you mean, I already have that.
      I’m only waiting to edit it before sharing it free of charge with the visitors of this site.


  2. Over the course of hearing, reading and writing within the longitude and latitude of Nigeria, I have never ever come across a man with amazing and impeccable academic credentials able and willing to liberate the less privilege from the shackles of ignorance and poverty as much as Ibraheem. Joking apart, its ONLY someone with a gaze fixed on the reward of Allah that does this. I have lived, worked and interacted with lots of his peers in the academics, media and on facebook. You cannot get a better bargain interacting off Ibraheem.

    Its my warmest and earnest prayer that Ibraheem never lacks the grace of Allah now and forever!

    long live Ibraheem.

    long live Nigeria.

    Muhammad Sani Isa

  3. May Allah bless you!! I have come across your article about waec administration and issue of Presidential scholarship scheme, pls. continue with the may Allah help and reward.

  4. Salam. May Allah make it easier for you to accomlish all your aspirations and desires. More grease to your elbow in the names of Allah and his messenger.
    Dr, plsease come to my aid in any way possible: i have secured an admission to study Msc. Biotechnology at the Glagow Caledonian University,Scotland but couldn’t proceed due to lack of sponsorship. I have already been released on study leave with pay by my employer;my salary is enough to serve as my up-keeping. My only problem is tuition fees.
    Sir, i would very much appreciate if you could link me up with someone/ organisation to assist me in this regard.

    Abdulkareem Damagum Ya’u, 08035096102

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